Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Cosmetic foot surgery provides modern and gentle corrections of deformities. The result is a foot shape, reflecting the patients' wishes.

Reconstructive Foot Surgery

Reconstructive foot surgery specializes in the surgical treatment of deformities that cause functional disorders. The aim is to grant patients pain-free movement.

Foot Surgery - what does that mean?


Generally speaking, this question can be answered with no. If you set up a pain scale from 0 = no pain to 10 = intense pain, from our experience we can tell our patients that they usually have to expect pains in the intensity of 3. Ater the first two days the pain will slowly disappear. All our patients also receive pain medication, which is already used during the treatment.

The decision which surgical procedures will be carried out on an inpatient or outpatient basis, largely depends on what treatment is planned and how extensive the surgical procedure is, as well if there are accompanying illnesses to be taken into account. As a general rule one can say, the more extensive the surgery is, the more likely is a stationary treatment. Very often we also have consider the professional and private situation of the patient, so that the decision will always be made indvidually.

Cosmetic surgical treatments are understandably not covered by statutory or private health insurers and have to be paid privately.

If a medical indication exists, the costs of the surgery will usually be covered by your insurer if you have a private health insurance.

Patients with a statutory health insurance unfortunately have to cover the costs of the surgery on their own since we are a private practice.

If an early surgery is advisable greatly depends on the kind of complaints. If the diagnosis is for example Hallux Valgus or hammertoe, your doctor will suggest an early operation in order to avoid consequential problems (joint degeneration / arthrosis, inflammations, etc.). The therapy of these will often require an extensive treatment.

Only about 3% of patients undergoing a foot surgery suffer from chronic foot pain after the surgery. Due to the statistics one can say that it is very unlikely that a foot surgery will cause permanent remaining pain. Even if the surgery is not leading to the desired result, lasting pain and problems can usually be remedied with a second surgery.