Cosmetic Foot Surgery Germany

The “aesthetic foot” is the main focus of this special department of surgery. Following modern research, the field of cosmetic foot surgery offers gentle surgical methods that provide a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing shape of the foot. In our practice in Dusseldorf everything revolves around modern cosmetic foot surgery. Foot surgeon Adem Erdogan offers professional, personal and patient-centered treatment plans.

  • The Greek-Latin term Brachymetatarsia (shortened metatarsal bone) describes a rare growth disorder that mostly affects the 4th metatarsal bone. In the course of this, the toe does not grow proportionally with the other toes. This has a strong effect on the overall appearance of the foot. Brachymetatarsia Germany – Why Operate on a Short Metatarsal […]

  • With a surgical shortening of the toe, an existing birth defect causing an overlap of the toes can be corrected. Why surgery, though? Excessive growth can have negative effects on the appearance of the foot. In most cases, the 2nd toe is affected (‘Greek foot’). Oftentimes, the neighbouring toes have also grown too long. The […]

  • The syndactyly (so-called. ‘webbed toes’) of the foot describes a rare phenomenon, in which mostly the 2nd and 3rd toe of a foot are grown together. The development takes place in the embryonic phase, thus prior to birth. The toes are either connected only by skin (cutaneous), or by a bone bridge (osseous). Physicians differentiate […]

  • Surgical toe lengthening is a procedure that helps patients, who suffer from unnaturally short toes. There are mainly two reasons, why this occurs. In some cases, a growth disorder keeps the toe from developing the correct size (called brachymetatarsia or brachydactyly). In other cases, a short toe might be the result of a surgical intervention, […]

  • Surgical foot correction is the last resort for people who suffer from a combination of flatfoot and fallen arches. The ankle of people, who suffer from this wide-spread deformity, buckles inwards while running. In addition to that, the sole of the foot doesn’t bulge upwards but lies flat on the ground. This deformity comes along […]

  • Foot Narrowing German: Very wide feet may be perceived as aesthetically unappealing by some people. In this case, those affected might wish for a surgical foot narrowing, also refered to as Cinderella surgery. And it is by far not only women who need to wear elegant shoes in their jobs, but can’t fit their feet […]

  • A toenail correction may be desired in order to eliminate startling changes in the nail’s appearance. These changes oftentimes occur after injury, fungal infection or even after surgical treatments of ingrown toenails (called “unguis incarnates” or “Onychogryphosis”). In these cases, the appearance of the toenails might suffer.. In these cases, the affected nail might show […]