Surgical Toe Lengthening in Germany

Surgical toe lengthening is a procedure that helps patients, who suffer from unnaturally short toes. There are mainly two reasons, why this occurs. In some cases, a growth disorder keeps the toe from developing the correct size (called brachymetatarsia or brachydactyly).

In other cases, a short toe might be the result of a surgical intervention, e.g. in case of a so-called mallet toe. Oftentimes, the latter also causes visible scar tissue, thick skin and severe curvature.

Surgical Toe Extension Germany: Why Undergo Surgical Treatment?

Patients with unnaturally short toes suffer from the overall appearance of their foot. They avoid wearing open shoes, such as flip flops, sandals or high heels. In some cases, functional problems such as lack of stability give further indications for surgery. In this sense, toe lengthening is an effective therapy.

What Happens During the Surgery?

The goal of a toe lengthening surgery is to adjust the size of the affected toe. Today’s cosmetic foot surgery offers several methods to achieve this. Eventually, the method depends on the individual diagnosis.

One Stage – Lengthening Method / Toe Lengthening with Bone Graft

With this method the corresponding toe or metatarsal bone is corrected in one single surgical session. Either own (autogenous) bone or a bone allograft is implanted into the metatarsal. Additionally, the 4th toe is being fixated with medical wire, which will be removed after fully recovered. A second surgery is not needed.

Callus distraction with internal fixator

In this surgical method, a special device is transplanted into the foot, pulling the toe into the desired length for the duration of a couple of months. The device has to be removed in a second surgery.

Follow-up treatment

  1. Removal of stitches after about 14 days.
  2. Wearing a special shoe for about 10 to 12 weeks, if necessary with crutches.
  3. Removal of the wire after about 10 to 12 weeks (One Stage Method).
  4. No restrictions concerning thrombosis prophylaxis.
  5. Manual lymph drainage in case of severe swelling of the foot.

Surgical Toe Lengthening in Germany: Treatment with Specialist Adem Erdogan

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Adem Erdogan is among the leading foot surgeons in Germany. Long-standing experience, optimizing surgical procedures as well as detailed diagnostics contribute to an ever-increasing inflow of patients.

Do you have questions concerning the treatment, possible risks and the costs?

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