Toenail correction Germany

A toenail correction may be desired in order to eliminate startling changes in the nail’s appearance. These changes oftentimes occur after injury, fungal infection or even after surgical treatments of ingrown toenails (called “unguis incarnates” or “Onychogryphosis”). In these cases, the appearance of the toenails might suffer..

In these cases, the affected nail might show reduced or oblique growth. After excessive fungal infection of the nail, the deformation may even resemble the form of a claw. In these cases we also speak of a ‘claw nail’. The aforementioned circumstances call for an effective toenail correction treatment.

The method of treatment of a toenail correction strongly depends on the cause as well as form and shape of the nail.

Toenail correction Germany: Which form of treatment should be chosen?

There are numerous surgical methods available to perform an aesthetic toenail correction. In most cases, the affected part of the skin and the nail are removed, In some cases, a minor flag reconstruction might be required. If necessary, a piece of is removed from a suitable body part and transplanted into the according nail.

If, in addition to that, a piece of bone sticks out, it must be smoothed in order to ensure an unhindered re-growth of the nail. If a cow nail is already fully grown, one should considered under certain circumstances, to remove the toenail permanently. From an aesthetic viewpoint, the results will be better..

In most cases, the operation to nail correction can be performed under local anesthesia of the toe and usually takes about 30 minutes. The surgery is considered low risk.

Toenail Correction Germany: Treatment after the surgery

There are hardly any post-operative restrictions. In a wide shoe, the foot can even bear the regular weigth and does not require further relief or protection. Therefore, special relief shoes are not necessary.

-Removal of stitches after 2 weeks if a suture was necessary.
-Duration of wound healing: about 2 weeks.
-In most cases back to work immediately

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