Surgery specialist | Certified foot surgeon (GFFC)

Aesthetic Foot Surgeon & Certified Foot Surgeon (GFFC)

  • Pioneer in the field of aesthetic foot surgery in Germany, one of the first specialists in the country
  • Several years of experience as a renowned chief physician in the area of foot and ankle surgery
  • Several thousand successfully and autonomously performed operations on the foot
  • Extensive experience in the field of Aesthetic and Orthopaedic Foot Surgery
  • Speaker at national and international congresses for foot and ankle surgery
  • In 2008 Adem Erdogan was awarded with the certificate of the German Society for Foot Surgery
  • Training doctors and podiatrists

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Foot surgeon Germany

In the recent past, only few fields in medicine have gone through such an enormous development like modern aesthetic foot surgery. This does not surprise, given the fact that the foot plays the most important role in our daily ability to move and is therefore crucial for mobility. The treatment of the feet belongs into the hands of an experienced surgeon. They require exact diagnostics and need to be handled with the highest level of precision. The physician in charge must be well trained and be familiar with the latest research.

Foot surgeon Germany: Trust is the foundation of care

Another crucial factor for a successful outcome is the trust between foot surgeon and patient.
Both have to work together as a team. Competence, sensitive handling of the needs and complaints of the patient as well as manual skills are among the many attributes that characterize Adem Erdogan as an aesthetic foot surgeon. Besides detailed patient’s education, he takes time to really get to know the patient as a person.
Adem Erdogan has been active as a foot surgeon since 2000. He has independently and successfully conducted several thousand surgeries.

Curriculum vitae

At the age of 2 years, Adem Erdogan came to Germany as the son of Turkish immigrants. Eversince a key experience he had at the age of 8, he was determined to become a doctor.

He received his diploma of secondary education (Abitur) at the Goethe Gymnasium in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Aesthetic Foot Surgeon Germany: Academic Career

Adem Erdogan studied medicine at the Medical Faculty of the Heinrich-Heine-University in Dusseldorf. Driven by the desire to become familiar with the important surgical disciplines, he spent a trimester of his practical year at the Faculty of Surgery of Akdeniz University Antalya, where quickly he was trusted to perform surgical procedures under the guidance of experienced physicians. He also assisted in organ transplantations. After successfully completing his medical studies, he received his license to practice medicine in 2000.

Medical qualifications of Adem Erdogan

In 2006, Adem Erdogan successfully completed his 6-year-residence to become a certified surgeon. This happened under the strict critera and conditions of the surgical board in Germany. The title ‘Surgical specialist’ is given only after passing the board exam.

Adem Erdogan has repeatedly been certified as a foot surgeon and is trained in emergency medicine.

Surgical residency

In order to acquire as much as experience as possible in the various surgical disciplines, he began his residency in 2000 at the Orthopaedic Department of the St. Franziskus Hospital, Cologne. It was there, where he came in touch with the treatments and operations of modern foot surgery for the first time. The enthusiasm for this field remains until today and became his passion. Adem Erdogan has been active in the field of foot surgery since 2000.

The next steps of his career led him to the following clinics:

  • Johanna-Etienne Hospital in Neuss, Germany, Department of General, trauma and vascular surgery
  • St. Elisabeth Hospital in Wülfrath, Germany, Department of General Surgery and Traumatology
  • Neuwerker Hospital in Mönchengladbach, Germany, department of Trauma Surgery, General and Vascular Surgery

First professional activities with managerial responsibilities

In 2007, Adem Erdogan started his career as a senior physician in the Department of Plastic, Hand and Foot Surgery in St. Anthony Hospital in Schleiden. His responsibilities included the planning and execution of surgeries, as well as the training of doctors. Under his guidance, the foot surgical section experienced an extreme increase of patients in a very short time.

Foot Surgeon Adem Erdogan: Extensive experience as Chief of Surgery

Due to the growing patient numbers, he created a separate department for Foot and Ankle surgery in 2008, where he was appointed Chief of Surgery. In addition to his managerial duties as head of the department, he was also responsible for diagnostics, as well as treatment and post treatment of thousands of patients.

As Chief of Surgery, he trained numerous surgical residents and podologists. He represented his department on national and international conferences as a speaker as well as in countless training events.

Foot and Perfection – Adem Erdogan and the Fine Art of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Foot Surgery

During his surgical activity, Adem Erdogan started using approaches of the aesthetic foot surgery, which in the US has been known for a long time, combined them with conventional foot surgery and modified these techniques. His passion for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Foot Surgery became an obsession, aiming for the continuous perfection of surgical procedures and treatments available.

For example was he among the first in Germany to perform the complex ‘One-Stage-Lengthening’ of very short toes in case of Brachymetatarsia or Brachydactyly. Until that point of time, the surgical extension of toes was a novelty in Germany. He ended his highly successful career at the St. Antonius Hospital in 2015. Since then he has worked exclusively in his private practice in Dusseldorf. Many patients from abroad consult him for his expertise.

Professional activity in the US

During his career, Adem Erdogan also worked in the Department for Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery at the MedStar-Union hospital and the highly renowned John Hopkins University in Balitmore

Adem Erdogan has worked during his career in the Orthopaedic and Accident Surgery Department of MedStar Union Memorial Hospital and the highly renowned John Hopkins University in Baltimore under Dr. Lew Schon, Chief of Surgery.

Co-founding one of Germany’s first Private Practices for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Foot Surgery in Dusseldorf

In 2010, foot surgeon Adem Erdogan co-founded one of Germany’s first private medical practice for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Foot Surgery in Dusseldorf. There, patients from Germany and abroad benefit from the conventional reconstructive foot surgery, as well as from his expertise in the unique field of aesthetic foot surgery.

Today Adem Erdogan is a widely renowned foot surgeon and considered one of the pioneers of aesthetic foot surgery in Germany.

Additional Qualifications

Adem Erdogan is additionally qualified as an emergency care physician and has been working for many years he as such. In the ICU, he was responsible for the treatment of surgical critically ill patients. He also has training in radiation protection.

Adem Erdogan is network coordinator for the diabetic foot syndrome.

Due to his specialization in the field of foot surgery, Adem Erdogan has been awarded twice with the prestigious certificate of the Germany Society of Foot Surgery (GFFC).

A foot surgeon must stay up to date

As an applied science, medicine undergoes a constant and – at times – rapid process of development. In order to provide the highest level of professionalism and quality for his patients, Adem Erdogan keeps up to date with new scientific date and acquires further training. This continuous confrontation with the latest research often lead him to surgical congresses, where he also lectures.

“Often the smallest feet leave the biggest prints.”