Brachymetatarsia – Short and overlapping toes

The Greek-Latin term Brachymetatarsia (shortened metatarsal bone) describes a rare growth disorder that mostly affects the 4th metatarsal bone. In the course of this, the toe does not grow proportionally with the other toes. This has a strong effect on the overall appearance of the foot.

Brachymetatarsia Germany – Why Operate on a Short Metatarsal Bone?

A shortened metatarsal bone might rarely cause problems in terms of function. Many of those affected, however, suffer from the appearance of the foot. The emotional distress of a patient with Brachymetatarsia can be so strong that he or she avoids being barefoot – even in front of family or a life partner. This reduces the quality of life, also considering that a stroll at the beach or the public exposure of the foot at the gym or pool will most likely cause emotional discomfort.

Surgical Correction of Brachymetatarsia: What Are my Options?

Foot expert Adem Erdogan has specialized in operational toe extension in case of Brachymetatarsia as one of his main priorities. Adem Erdogan is one of Germany’s leading Brachymetatarsia – operators and essentially contributed to the development of surgical methods.

These are the most common techniques:

1.) One Stage – Lengthening Method:

In this case, the toe or metatarsal is corrected in one single surgical session, either with an implant of your own (autogenous) bone or bone allograft (allogeneic). The toe is being stabilized with the help of medical wire, which is removed after the bone is totally healed. A second surgery is not required.

2.) The callus distraction with internal fixator:
In this surgical method, a device is transplanted into the foot, pulling the toe for the duration of several months until the desired length is acquired. After that, the device needs to be removed again.

Follow-up treatment:

  1. Removal of stitches after about 14 days
  2. Wearing special protection shoe for about 10 to 12 weeks – in some cases, crutches might be needed
  3. Removal of wire (painless) after about 10 to 12 weeks (one-stage lengthening)
  4. Thromboprophylaxis
  5. Manual lymph drainage in case of severe swelling of the foot


Brachymetatarsia correction by foot surgeon Adem Erdogan

Adem Erdogan is among the leading foot surgeons in Germany. Long-standing experience, optimized surgical procedures as well as detailed diagnostics contribute to an ever-increasing inflow of patients.

Do you have questions about the treatment, the risks or the costs concerning the Brachymetatarsia correction?

After a consultation and detailed examination, Adem Erdogan creates a treatment plan tailored to the individual needs of the patients for optimal results. He will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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