Claw Toe Germany – Corrective Surgery

A claw toe surgery describes the correction of a certain pathological deformity.
It describes how a toe has taken the form of a claw and  remains in constant flexion.

In shoes, this oftentimes leads to painful abrasions of the skin and later to severe inflammations. Strictly speaking, the claw toe can be understood as the final stage of a mallet toe.

What Are the Causes of a Claw Toe?

Disturbed biomechanics of the foot are the central cause of the formation of this deformity.
In many cases, patients report of a genetic predisposition, meaning that a parent or grandparent was affected, too. This suggest that a claw toe can be inherited.

Claw Toe Correction Germany: What Can Be Done Against the Deformity?

Is there a way to avoid surgery?

Once a claw toe has formed, physical aids such as shoe inlays may offer relief.

Unfortunately, none of these therapies offer a permanent cure of the claw toe.
Therefore, surgery is necessary to improve the patient’s life quality.

Procedure and possible risks

The surgical correction of claw toe is still quite complex and often a challenge for the surgeon in charge. The difficulty lies in the fact that with this deformity usually involves many anatomic structures. Therefore, it is crucial for the outcome of the surgery that the physician in charge detects, where exactly the problem is rooted. Only this way the deformity can be corrected efficiently.

The methods of claw toe surgery are can range from operating solely on the tendon to excessive surgery on joints and bones. In the latter, wires are inserted into the toe for splinting usually transient. These are drawn later in a painless procedure again.

Claw Toe Correction Germany:

Without complications, the pain is permanently eliminated and wearing normal foot wear is possible again.

What Happens after Surgery?

  • Removal of stitches after about 2 weeks
  • Wearing a special shoes for 2- 6 weeks after surgery depending on the surgical method.
  • Removal of the wire after 4-6 weeks (no pain)
  • Lymph drainage in case of excessive swelling

Claw Toe Germany: Corrective Surgery with Foot Specialist Adem Erdogan

kontaktAdem Erdogan is among the leading foot surgeons in Germany. Long-standing experience, optimized surgical procedures as well as detailed diagnostics contribute to an ever-increasing inflow of patients.
Do you have questions about the treatment, the risks or the costs concerning the claw toe correction?

After a consultation and detailed examination, Adem Erdogan creates a treatment plan tailored to the individual needs of the patients for ideal results. He will be happy to answer all of your questions.