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A so-called tailor’s bunion refers to a painful bulge of the bone, located on the outer edge of the foot. In most cases it occurs lateral, right underneath the little toe. Symptoms include redness and a certain tightness while wearing shoes, since the 5th metatarsal bone presses towards the edge.

Oftentimes a tailor’s bunion is referred to as a ganglion. The name derives from the cross-legged sitting positions, which tailors used to take while working. The outer edge of the feet lay flat on the ground, causing pain.

Tailor’s Bunion: What Are the Causes?

A tailor’s bunion can be the consequence of a splay foot, in which the metatarsal bones are spread out fan-like. Therefore, the foot is wider than usual, causing problems, especially while wearing shoes. In most cases patients are forced to adjust their shoe wear, which can only be a temporary solution.

Which Therapies Are Available to Cure a Tailor’s Bunion?

Depending on stage of development of the tailor’s bunion, different surgical methods are available. The aim is to bring the pathologically shifted 5th metatarsal bone back to its original position. In most cases, the surgery is uncomplicated, not causing any problems, providing great results.

Tailor’s Bunion: Prognosis after Corrective Surgery

Due to the extremely low complication regarding the surgical procedure, the results after an ideal recovery are excellent. For the patient the surgery comes along with a win-win-situation: The painful symptoms of the tailor’s bunion are completely eliminated and, as an additional side-effect, the foot becomes narrower. Therefore, wearing regular shoes becomes possible again.

Difficulties in A Tailor’s Bunion Surgery

If complications occur or not is directly connected to the surgical expertise of the physician in charge. The 5th metatarsal bone is very thing. For this reason, training and experience of the surgeon are crucial. Adem Erdogan is one of Germany’s most distinguished foot surgeons, looking back on countless corresponding operations.

Treatment After Surgical Correction of A Tailor’s Bunion

  • Removal of stitches after about 2 weeks
  • Wearing a special foot wear for a duration of approximately 4 weeks
  • Lymphatic drainage, depending on the level of postoperative swelling
  • Neither crutches nor thrombosis prophylaxis requires

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