Surgical Foot Narrowing Germany

Foot Narrowing German: Very wide feet may be perceived as aesthetically unappealing by some people. In this case, those affected might wish for a surgical foot narrowing, also refered to as Cinderella surgery. And it is by far not only women who need to wear elegant shoes in their jobs, but can’t fit their feet into them.

Foot Narrowing Germany: Why Are Some Feet Too Wide?

Some feet are significantly wider than other. The reason, why they grow that way, lies either in the positions of the foot bones (e.g. splayfoot) and / or in the soft tissues. In the latter, especially excessive muscle thickening plays a major role and causes for the foot to grow wider and wider. In addition to that, some people are born with very long toes, causing particular problems while wearing high heels. Affected observed then that they always have to choose larger shoe sizes when buying, as they wore originally once.

Why Is a Surgical Foot Narrowing Also Called Cinderella Surgery?

The term Cinderella surgery is borrowed from the fairy tale with the same title. In the story, the evil stepsisters trimmed their toes and heels in order to fit into the boot of the prince, who was desperately looking for the original shoe owner. Naturally, this drastic form of ‘corrective’ surgery is prohibited, simply due to ethical reasons and can be found only in fairy tales. Modern foot surgery has much more gentle and careful techniques in store that make it possible to wear elegant footwear and smaller shoe sizes.

What is Being Done in a Surgical Foot Narrowing?

When a so-called Cinderella surgery or foot narrowing is performed, the surgical method depends on the cause of the enlarged foot. If the bones are responsible, they are being aligned with a specific technique. If the muscles at the outer edge of the foot are responsible, the muscle is surgically thinned and the surrounding skin plastically reshaped. In case the length of the toes cause problems, a minor surgery helps to correct this defect and achieve a `perfect 10,’ thus perfect 10 toes.

What Results Can Be Expected?

The above mentioned methods are relatively safe and low in complications. At the same time they lead to a graceful and harmonious shape the foot. Consequently, the patients can once again wear shoe sizes, that previously did not fit.

Surgical Foot Narrowing Germany: What Happens After The Surgery?

• wearing a special shoe for 3- 6 weeks after surgery, depending on the surgical method
• Removal of stitches after 14 days
• absence from work about 2- 6 weeks, depending on the surgical method
• manual lymphatic drainage may be necessary, depending on swelling of the foot

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